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How To Sting the Polygraph

The lie detector (polygraph) has been scientifically proven to be faulty. It can not discern whether a human being is lying or being truthful, and yet it is used daily to enforce laws, prosecute citizens, dismiss people from jobs and keep others from acquiring the career they are fully qualified for. Two million people a year in the U.S. are forced to take a polygraph despite the fact that telling the truth does not help the person pass the "exam". In order to protect people from the horrors of the polygraph test and its aftermath. How to Sting the Polygraph was written. How to Sting the Polygraph is a step by step instruction manual that teaches anyone how to pass the polygraph test, simply and quickly. Written by the world's most recognized and reliable polygraph expert. It is the closest thing to having a coach with you at the actual testing.

  • Doug Williams

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