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Lyrica's Journey of Ascension: A Nonverbal Autistic Finds Her Power, Peace, and Purpose

There are many stories living within this book of supreme revelations.First, it is the story of a brave and determined soul, Lyrica, who chose to arrive into our world with no voice and who, with the love and support of her mom and her mentor, was able to actualize her purpose and create a life of supreme value for herself and others, demonstrating that no one is limited.Second, it is the epic saga of the nonverbal autistics, why they are here in the form that they are, and what they bring to us, demonstrating a level of love for humanity that is truly staggering to behold and be held in.Third, it is the revelation of where humanity's process of awakening is headed, the amazing new worlds and abilities that open up when our nonphysical and physical selves unify and we achieve a state of Oneness with the All the Is. Finally, it is a demystified experiential account of the hero's journey that, when consciously chosen, becomes the path of Ascension, where we strip away all that is not our true essence and, in the process, become empowered to create the life that we have always dreamed of and so much more that we have yet to imagine.

  • Lyrica Marquez

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